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"feed" of interest

*mods if this isn't cool here, i won't be offended if it's deleted. Just want to spread the word about another resource some members might like.*

Hi everyone,
I can't remember how i found out about this particular blog in the first place, but AFB has a blog that is quite well done. Each month there's a new topic of interest that different staff members blog on for a while, take comments. the works. This month's topic is Dog Guide training. One of the staff members is at The Seeing Eye getting her first dog guide and doing quite a professional and respectable job at posting on the experience. I'm not even a Seeing-Eye grad (my guide's from GDB), but it doesn't lessen the interest in the blog. They've blogged on all kinds of blindness related issues there in the past. I've been reading it for a while now, and finally got it syndicated over to LJ. So, if you're interested in reading it, just add afbblog to your LJ friends.

Happy reading!
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