erinathefae (erinathefae) wrote in blindsightgirls,

More make-up questions

Ok, at work coming up in a week or two I'm going to be assisting two or three high school grads in figuring out how to put on make-up. I'm planning on having one meeting where they show what they have already, and what their techniques are, and then we're gonna work through how to make it mo' betta exploring different types, shades, and application methods. I was thinking on having a couple of trial runs and such. I've found all of the standard listed articles on make-up and techniques, and have read most of them. Just thought I'd throw out the request for some personal experiences, or tips or new ideas or newer articles on the subject of make-up and visual impairments. Like I mentioned before I am half blind so I can relate to some of it, but I have good vision in my right eye so I can see well enough to put eyeliner on and to see where and how much blush I'm putting on and such. So any help would be appreciated! Thankies!!
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