Morgan Lynn (morganp666) wrote in blindsightgirls,
Morgan Lynn

Hello there!

hey, *waves a friendly good afternoon to all the girls*
my name is Morgan, I am 15 years old, and yes I am blind.
I found this camunidy thrue my friend
and desided to join.
I'm a great girl, i love making new friends, I have a great perspective on life. and love.
I became blind from R.O.P. Retinopithy Of Premituridy. I have been blind sinse birth, on my 3rd sergery i was able to gain a little site out of my left eye.
I currently attend a school for blind kids hear in California. Because of my eye site, and wair I used to live, they did not have any resorces for the blind, so there for, I had to be let back 3 years, *sucky!*
anyways, I guess that's it.
hope to talk to all you girls soon!

Morgan (aka) Morgs
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