Yuubiseiharukana (akizakura) wrote in blindsightgirls,

Blindness Forums and Living in a Big City

Hi all and happy new year! Sorry I haven't posted here in awhile and I hope it's OK to post this, but I had two questions and I figured you ladies might be able to help.

1) Can you guys reccommend other forums for the blind and visually impaired, in addition to this one (it's OK if the forum is off of livejournal) This community is cool, I'm just trying to find lots of ways to network with blind and visually impaired folks from all over, so any sites you could recommend would be great!

2) So I'm coming up on graduation and realizing living here in rural Delaware isn't going to work - I'm thinking I want to move to a city (once I get some more money saved up.) but outside of Tokyo I have little city experience, so I want to hear from any of you who live in a city - any city is fine, but I'm especially wanting to hear about US cities. I feel overwhelmed when I visit New York, and it seems dangerous and confusing, yet, the kind of place I would want to live. Do you find city life dangerous? How does public transportation work for you? What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? Thanks - any experiences and advice would be really helpful!
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