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Hi all, I am Lisa, 26 and from Illinois. I'm finally graduating with my bachelors majoring in criminal justice and a minor in women and gender studies. CJ was a big mistake, but I love the WGS classes. I have a black lab named Wilda who I got from the Seeing Eye in New Jersey. She and I are 2 peas in a pod. I like The L Word, Law and Order SVU, Karioke bars, partying, singing, listening to music, stones, and tarot cards. Do any of you know of any good music downloading programs that work with jaws 9? Do any of you have the new verizon phone with fully accessible speech? It's a motorola phone and I believe the speech is sold separately. Anyway if so, how much was the phone and the speech? I have an LG 8300 which I like but I'd like to be able to fully utilize my phone. Well hope to hear from you, and feel free to add me if ya want.
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