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Where Girls Dwell!

Blind and Sighted Girls Unite!
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Welcome to
If you're a guy, you're looking for our affiliate,
This isn't one of those girl talk communities--not really--there's a catch. It's a place especially for blind girls and women to ask questions, and for other blind girls and women to help them out. Sighted girls and women are more than invited to join in too, and ask their own questions and give advice. But let's face it, blind girls have stuff they just need to ask other girls who are in the same boat sometimes.
Blind and sighted girls and women are both equally welcome here. just because you're sighted doesn't mean you don't have questions to ask, and advice to give!
Blind and sighted girls truly unite here. We love each other like family! :D

1. You must be a girl to join. Sorry, but no guys allowed! As aforesaid, if you're a guy, pop on over to
and start some discussions there. But back to BSG, which is cooler and, as anyone can guess, has much more going on in it than BSB. And no, I don't mean Backstreet Boys. Anyway. When you request to join, the moderators will be checking your journal to make sure you sound like a girl before we accept you. If you're a girl, you're automatically in. No rigorous applications here whatsoever. All girls and women, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation/preference, lifestyle, whatever, are embraced here.
2. This community is members only. That means that you must be an accepted BSG member in order to post and to read others' posts. If you're a member and you create a post via the LiveJournal web interface, your entry is automatically set to the "Members Only" security level as the default. Please leave all your entries friends only so no guys can see them, and no one who's not a member can't see them. Likewise, if you're using a LiveJournal client, please try and remember to set your security setting to "Members" or "Friends Only". Do NOT consciously post publicly. If you forget, that's okay, you won't get banned or anything harsh like that, but for your own privacy, go ahead and protect them. If you don't know how, it's under security, right after the entry edit box on the Update page/screen. Just set the status to "friends," as opposed to "public" or "private" in the combo box. If you forget to do it, you can always go back and edit the entry.
Important Note: For security reasons, moderators are not allowed to change the security setting for a post, so it's imperative that you take care of your own posts and make them friends-only! Even if you don't think your post is private, some people might comment with private things, and anyway, it's just what we do here. If a maintainer or moderator asks you to please edit your entry and make it friends only, please comply promptly.
3. No bashing, cussing, being mean, etc etc. We at BSG don't condone that kind of behavior and will not tolerate it. BlindSightGirls is a safe space, and we respect everyone. All questions and discussions should be responded to politely and tactfully. If you have a disagreement, please deal with it outside of this community. That's not to say that you can't have a different opinion. Just be polite about it.
First Offense: You will be warned by a moderator.
Second Offense: A moderator will remind you that, should you behave offensively for a third time, you will be permanently banned from this community.
Third Offense: You will be permanently banned from this community.
Feel free to express yourself freely here, and by all means discuss topics that may seem off the beaten track, or even "taboo" to some. Just play nicely. Please help this community be a fun and safe place by notifying a moderator if you see anyone being purposefully offensive or cruel.
4. Have fun, make friends, ask questions and join in discussions! Promoting other communities and web sites is fine, especially if they're disability- or girl-related. As long as you don't spam, you're okay to post about other webpages. Basically, have a good time. Make yourself at home.

Once you join, we strongly recommend that you post and fill out this form so that the other members can get to know a little bit about you. You're not required to post an introduction--it's not a rule--but it will help you to become integrated into the community and make some fast friends.

Gender: (haha just joking! it had better be female)
Location (optional):
Blind or Sighted?:
Got siblings?:
Something Cool About You (optional):

You don't have to use this form, but you can answer these questions in your post or use the form, whatever you like. Heck, you don't even have to do it ... it's just a suggestion.

Your moderators are:
Feel free to come to them with any of your questions or suggestions by commenting on their personal journals or on one of their entries in here.

Don't forget to tell your girl friends!!!!!
We love new members!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

If you'd like your community to be added to this list, let
know by commenting on her journal or to one of her posts in this community. Your community does not have to be relevant to blindness, disabilities or girls, but that's preferable. Additionally, the content of your community must be G or PG.
A community for GLBTQQIA (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, queer, intersex and allied) people to discuss being GLBTQQIA as it relates to being disabled. Everyone is welcome.
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